A quick reality check request.

Trevor Cooper tcooper at ucsd.edu
Wed Apr 28 11:29:52 CDT 2010

This is likely the same problem you will find searching the list for 
OMSA 6.2, Controller, dsm_sa_datamgrd. I think the non-Redhat 
derivatives are missing some dependencies and/or the srvadmin tools are 
looking for a 'fingerprint' that says the OS is 'Redhat' or other 
'supported' OS.

Haven't found a solution that works consistently yet...

OMSA's of various flavors work on some systems with CentOS 5.4 (the OS 
I'm working with) but not others.

Some things to check...

- missing libstdc++
- missing OpenIMPI
- 'left-over' PID files for services

On different systems solving ONE of these made OMSA work. But I haven't 
found a consistent pattern yet.

Good luck and post your results!

Trevor Cooper

On 04/26/2010 10:52 AM, Michael Tiernan wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> I'm running into a problem and I'm wondering if anyone has seen anything
> very similar or if I'm breaking new ground with it.
> I have a system that I just got, it's a Dell PE R710 with the new H700
> RAID card. I installed it with Scientific linux 5.3 (Our current
> version.) and when loading the srvadmin tools (directly from the Dell
> site) I have been finding that the daemons don't continue to run. Here's
> a small snippet from my system log:
> Apr 23 12:33:50 xxxxxxxx Server Administrator: Instrumentation Service
> EventID: 1001  Server Administrator startup complete
> Apr 23 12:33:51 xxxxxxxx dataeng: dsm_sa_eventmgrd shutdown succeeded
> Apr 23 12:33:58 xxxxxxxx dataeng: dsm_sa_datamgrd shutdown succeeded
> Apr 23 12:33:59 xxxxxxxx instsvcdrv: dell_rbu device driver unloaded
> After the start process finishes (first line), the next three lines show
> the daemons shutting down. It continues to try to respawn the services
> only to have them continue to die.
> The start sequence is:
> /opt/dell/srvadmin/sbin/srvadmin-service.sh start
> [short pause........]
> omreport storage vdisk
> [a normal output from the omreport about vdisks.]
> [another short pause.....]
> omreport storage vdisk
> [error, can't find any controllers]
> It is at this point, you can see the dataeng trying to restart the
> dsm_sa daemons over and over again. (Clarification, they start then stop.)
> I built a RHEL5.3 system and the tools don't seem to be having a problem.
> Before I go digging into it much more I thought I'd ask if anyone else
> has had any experience with this problem. When I saw a mention of some
> Dell tools not working under Fedora I thought I'd ask here too.
> Thanks for everyone's time and use of the forum.

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