A quick reality check request.

Michael Tiernan mtiernan at mit.edu
Mon Apr 26 12:52:44 CDT 2010

Hello everyone.

I'm running into a problem and I'm wondering if anyone has seen anything 
very similar or if I'm breaking new ground with it.

I have a system that I just got, it's a Dell PE R710 with the new H700 
RAID card. I installed it with Scientific linux 5.3 (Our current 
version.) and when loading the srvadmin tools (directly from the Dell 
site) I have been finding that the daemons don't continue to run. Here's 
a small snippet from my system log:

Apr 23 12:33:50 xxxxxxxx Server Administrator: Instrumentation Service 
EventID: 1001  Server Administrator startup complete
Apr 23 12:33:51 xxxxxxxx dataeng: dsm_sa_eventmgrd shutdown succeeded
Apr 23 12:33:58 xxxxxxxx dataeng: dsm_sa_datamgrd shutdown succeeded
Apr 23 12:33:59 xxxxxxxx instsvcdrv: dell_rbu device driver unloaded

After the start process finishes (first line), the next three lines show 
the daemons shutting down. It continues to try to respawn the services 
only to have them continue to die.

The start sequence is:
/opt/dell/srvadmin/sbin/srvadmin-service.sh start
[short pause........]
omreport storage vdisk
[a normal output from the omreport about vdisks.]
[another short pause.....]
omreport storage vdisk
[error, can't find any controllers]

It is at this point, you can see the dataeng trying to restart the 
dsm_sa daemons over and over again. (Clarification, they start then stop.)

I built a RHEL5.3 system and the tools don't seem to be having a problem.

Before I go digging into it much more I thought I'd ask if anyone else 
has had any experience with this problem. When I saw a mention of some 
Dell tools not working under Fedora I thought I'd ask here too.

Thanks for everyone's time and use of the forum.

   <<  MCT>>    Michael C Tiernan.   xmpp:mtiernan at mit.edu
   MIT - Laboratory for Nuclear Science - http://www.lns.mit.edu
   High Perf Research Computing Facility at The Bates Linear Accelerator
   "Bit-smashing your bits better than anyone can!"

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