PV114X Error Code

Charles_Rose at Dell.com Charles_Rose at Dell.com
Mon Apr 26 10:19:14 CDT 2010

Here is what I got from our storage team:

The IBM LTO4 and IBM LTO5 drive are the only two LTO drives that go in
the PV114X chassis. The documents at the link below are for the PV114X
bay itself, not for the drives. The exclamation mark with a "C"
indicates the drive needs cleaning, for which you will need to insert a
cleaning cartridge to clean the drive. Excessive cleaning requests (more
frequent than every 100 hours of usage) could indicate usage of bad
media, or has a dirty head on the drive that cannot be cleaned. The
documentation for the IBM LTO4 and IBM LTO5 drives are referenced below.

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> Hi
> can anyone point me to the error codes for a PV114X please ?
> I can't find them here
> http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/stor-sys/114x/
> We have an orange exclamation mark above a red capital C.
> Many thanks
> Nick .
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