Very high load during mkfs on a new 1tb raid 1

Daniele Paoni daniele-ml at
Wed Apr 21 02:26:05 CDT 2010

Il 20/04/2010 23:08, Jefferson Ogata ha scritto:

>> The last reboot was done 11 hours ago.
> Sigh. Yes, but you just recreated the array, didn't you? That has the
> same effect. Just check again.
I tried again after a few hours, same problem :-(

Anyway, I stopped apache and mysql and then I created the filesystem,
everything went ok; the load went up to about 20 but I stopped the mkfs
(with ctrl+z)  a few times to reduce the load.

Now the filesystem is ok, I will do some load testing with bonnie to see
what happens.


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