Very high load during mkfs on a new 1tb raid 1

Daniele Paoni daniele-ml at
Tue Apr 20 15:54:01 CDT 2010

On 04/20/2010 07:35 PM, Jefferson Ogata wrote:
> Fast initialization just means it marks the array as ready and continues
> scrubbing in the background. The scrubbing competes heavily for I/O.
Ok I have reinitialized the array with the slow initialization method.
> Use MegaCLI to check initialization status, e.g. "MegaCLI -ldbi
> -showprog -lall -aall".
[root at ns01 daniele]# /opt/MegaRAID/MegaCli/MegaCli -ldbi -showprog -lall 

Background Initialization on VD #0 is not in Progress.
Background Initialization on VD #1 is not in Progress.

[root at ns01 daniele]# omreport storage vdisk
List of Virtual Disks in the System

Controller PERC 6/i Integrated (Embedded)
ID                       : 1
Status                   : Ok
Name                     : Data
State                    : Ready
HotSpare Policy violated : Not Assigned
Virtual Disk Bad Blocks  : Not Applicable
Secured                  : Not Applicable
Progress                 : Not Applicable
Layout                   : RAID-1
Size                     : 931.00 GB (999653638144 bytes)
Device Name              : /dev/sdd
Bus Protocol             : SAS
Media                    : HDD
Read Policy              : Read Ahead
Write Policy             : Write Back
Cache Policy             : Not Applicable
Stripe Element Size      : 64 KB
Disk Cache Policy        : Enabled

> Or look at the disks when you aren't doing anything. Are they both lit
> up heavily?
The disks are 200Km away from me :-( so I cannot check them.

I tried to create the filesystem after the slow initialization but the 
issue is still present.

A simple dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdd1 exibits the same problem , after 
30 seconds the load is already about 46 and all the waiting processes 
are in state D

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