Hot disk change.

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I assume your problem is, you have only 2x HDD slots!? What is your OS again? 

If you're worried about if HDD is detected on SATA controller here might be another solution for you, if you're able to get OMSA installed. 


1.    Install OMSA 

2.    Migrate your RAID1 into a RAID0 

3.    Remove the unused HDD + install the new one in that slot 

4.    Create a RAID0 on new drive 

5.    Do all your copy stuff as required 

6.    Shutdown server remove old RAID0 + old HDD

7.    Install 2nd 1TB HDD

8.    Boot from that drive 

9.    Use OMSA to transform your RAID0 into a RAID1




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Tino and Jens,

# fdisk -l (with comments about what is what)
/dev/sda1               1         243     1951866   82  Linux swap / Solaris (SWAP)
/dev/sda2   *         244         729     3903795   83  Linux (/boot)
/dev/sda3             730        3161    19535040   83  Linux (/)
/dev/sda4            3162       30318   218138602+  83  Linux (/var)

I'm not that worried with the partition table because I can just delete the partition, create it again with the new size and use resize2fs to resize the file system. Usually I do that with virtual machines and it works, shouldn't be different with a real hardware, right!?

I'm really worried to know it Linux would be able to read the old disk connected on a different SATA port.

Cupertino, I got worried with your solution because I don't know is I can expand the virtual disk  and things like that, I don't have much expertise with RAID controllers. And if something goes wrong (read: if I make something wrong), I will loose everything. I do have backup and everything, but I prefer a short downtime.

Thanks again.

Fábio Catunda.

Tino Schwarze wrote: 

Hi Fabio,
do you have some kind of LVM or other means of volume management in
place? What's your partition setup like? Please post output of
df -h.
On Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 11:28:58AM -0300, Fabio Catunda wrote:

	Thanks for all responses.
	Now I see that I am in trouble.
	I really cannot install everything from zero, it will take too long and 
	might not work.
	I would like to know your opinion about the following procedure:
	1 - Shutdown
	2 - Remove both disks
	3 - Plug both 2TB new disks and create a new virtual disk on the controller
	4 - Plug one of the old 250GB disks in a separate SATA connector
	5 - dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sda (where sdb is the old disk and sda is the 
	new virtual disk)
	6 - fstab, resize2fs, etc, etc...!
	I really don't know if the OS will recognize and be able to read the old 
	disk plugged in another SATA connector.
	Thanks in advance.
	Fábio Catunda.
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