Hot disk change.

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I assume you're going to expand your OS drive. 
So you can't (or shouldn't) dd your OS from a running HDD to the new drive. 
Besides it'll leave you with the same old partition table (which holds the too small partition). 
Wouldn't be a restore from backup much easier!? 

I used to do things like that quite often on Solaris using ufsdump/ufsrestore. 

Something similar should work on linux too using dump utility
1. from a live or rescue cd
2. dd your MBR from old HDD to new (larger) RAID1
3. then partition new RAID as required 
4. last dump (or even tar) your original partition(s) and pipe the output to the corresponding restore tool on your new partition(s) 


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Thanks for all responses.

Now I see that I am in trouble.

I really cannot install everything from zero, it will take too long and 
might not work.

I would like to know your opinion about the following procedure:
1 - Shutdown
2 - Remove both disks
3 - Plug both 2TB new disks and create a new virtual disk on the controller
4 - Plug one of the old 250GB disks in a separate SATA connector
5 - dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sda (where sdb is the old disk and sda is the 
new virtual disk)
6 - fstab, resize2fs, etc, etc...!

I really don't know if the OS will recognize and be able to read the old 
disk plugged in another SATA connector.

Thanks in advance.

Fábio Catunda.

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