Hot disk change.

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Mon Apr 19 13:00:03 CDT 2010

it is possible to replace one by one as long as your drives have the same technology. you can mix sata with (near line) sas.
you won't be able to resize your file system. since the size of your virtual disk won't change. it'll just result in free space in your raid group which can be used for other virtual disks. 
if you really need to resize your existing file system there is only one way. replace your drives one by one as planned originally. then goto raid bios and clear your config. finally recreate a new raid1 of full capacity but _don't_ initialize the virtual disk!!! 
boot into os and adjust partitions and grow your file system.

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> Betreff: Hot disk change.

> Hi,
> I have a "PowerEdge 1950" with a "PERC 5/i Integrated" controller on 
> "RAID-1" with two "232.25GB" disks.
> I need some more disk space, so I bought two 2TB disks.
> What I would like to know is if it's possible to replace one HD at a 
> time, trusting the controller to sync all data with no loss!?
> The OS is a Debian Linux with ext3 fs, so after changing both disks I 
> could use resize2fs to use the extra capacity.
> Anyone already tried something like that?
> Any tip is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Fábio Catunda.
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