Hot disk change.

Andy Krantz andyk at
Mon Apr 19 12:14:57 CDT 2010

I've done something very similar on a 2950 with the same PERC 5/i.

I replaced 6 drives in a RAID5 array one at a time and let each rebuild (5
array disks + hotspare).
You will probably want to take each disk offline in OMSA rather than just
pulling them abruptly.
When I was done I was able to create a second Virtual Disk (RAID5 array) in
OMSA (I used web interface).

You probably won't be able to grow your current virtual disk (I couldn't
with RAID5 but I haven't tried RAID1)...
But at least you can move /home or whatever partition(s) needs more space to
the new VirtualDisk.

As far as trusting PERC to rebuild... I'd definitely make a backup first but
if you do it right you should be fine :)


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> Hi,
> I have a "PowerEdge 1950" with a "PERC 5/i Integrated" controller on
> "RAID-1" with two "232.25GB" disks.
> I need some more disk space, so I bought two 2TB disks.
> What I would like to know is if it's possible to replace one HD at a
> time, trusting the controller to sync all data with no loss!?
> The OS is a Debian Linux with ext3 fs, so after changing both disks I
> could use resize2fs to use the extra capacity.
> Anyone already tried something like that?
> Any tip is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Fábio Catunda.
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