getting started with 2970

Andy Krantz andyk at
Thu Apr 15 17:57:46 CDT 2010

I would try using a 9-pin serial cable to connect your laptop to the server.
Then you should be able to establish a serial terminal connection using
kermit and enter the RAID BIOS to configure your array.

The only catch is that serial console output to needs to be enabled in the
BIOS for this to work.  I think pre-boot output is enabled by default but
don't quote me on it (I mostly use DRACs now).


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> Subject: getting started with 2970
> Does anybody know how a blind person would get started configuring a
> Dell
> 2970? I'm not sure how I'd configure the hardware RAID. I can install
> linux
> with speech and then configure RAID but by then its too late, right?
> I noticed that one of the CDs that came with the server is bootable but
> its
> not going to have speech, is it? If so, how do I start it?
> I have all kinds of tools at my disposal. I have a talking laptop that
> I can
> use with a cross over cable or a null modem cable. So I could use that
> talking laptop with kermit, or telnet, or ssh. I can also remaster live
> CDs.
> I've done that with a grml CD, with the FAI boot CD, and an unattended
> install CD.
> What about DRAC? If I kermit or telnet into the DRAC via a crossover
> cable,
> could I configure the PERC that way? I suppose it would be a good thing
> for
> me to learn how to use the DRAC anyway.
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