getting started with 2970

John G. Heim jheim at
Thu Apr 15 16:25:19 CDT 2010

Does anybody know how a blind person would get started configuring a Dell 
2970? I'm not sure how I'd configure the hardware RAID. I can install linux 
with speech and then configure RAID but by then its too late, right?

I noticed that one of the CDs that came with the server is bootable but its 
not going to have speech, is it? If so, how do I start it?

I have all kinds of tools at my disposal. I have a talking laptop that I can 
use with a cross over cable or a null modem cable. So I could use that 
talking laptop with kermit, or telnet, or ssh. I can also remaster live CDs. 
I've done that with a grml CD, with the FAI boot CD, and an unattended 
install CD.

What about DRAC? If I kermit or telnet into the DRAC via a crossover cable, 
could I configure the PERC that way? I suppose it would be a good thing for 
me to learn how to use the DRAC anyway.

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