smartmontools on powerEdge 1950

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Thu Apr 15 15:30:28 CDT 2010

I tried but I said what has worked, the original idea for what I want to
analyze this is bad sectors on my hard disk array, however I was unable to
walk smartools hchar, any other ideas? know any way to get what I want
without using SmartTools?

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2010/4/15 Tim Small <tim at>

> KnX wrote:
> >
> > How to use smartmontools on a server X?
> As has already been mentioned, there is megaraid support in
> smartmontools.  You might need to use a more recent smartmontools
> version, as ISTR some bug fixes went in during the last few months.
> Note that for other LSI controllers use of smartmontools is unreliable,
> and LSI haven't shown much sign of addressing the issue, so I would
> advise doing some intensive testing before using this in a production
> environment (certainly if you are using it for any automated/continuous
> data collection).
> Thanks,
> Tim.
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