RHEL ES 3 Kernel Upgrade Issue

Murphy, Brian S CTR USAF AFSPC 83 NOS/Det 4 Brian.Murphy at usafe.af.mil
Tue Apr 13 21:20:23 CDT 2010

Need to patch some old kernels (2.4.21-47) to a newer version - kernel.org says the latest version is (not a RH designation, AFAICT), and RedHat apparently stopped supporting RHEL 3 kernel patches (will fully stop in Aug 2010, but no known kernel RPMs for this version).

Are there RPMs for this or do I need to compile the full kernel (my Google searches showed no RPMs, but the community may know of other resources)?

Also, can the patches be used or are they only relevant to the last major revision (3rd dotted number), resulting in 15 "patches" to get to major version #s to get to the latest patch?

I'm assuming that I can't really go from the 2.4 train to the 2.6 train (i.e., use a 2.6 RPM) without incurring significant issues with system functions (networking especially) - or is that not the case?  Can a 2.6 kernel work fine with a system installed using 2.4?

Is there a good How To" on this?  My Google searches turned up little for versions this recent - mostly geared to RH7.x kernels.

Thanks in advance for insight on this,


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