PowerEdge 2321DS Console Switch

Stroller stroller at stellar.eclipse.co.uk
Tue Apr 13 14:01:40 CDT 2010

On 13 Apr 2010, at 00:20, Jonathan B. Horen wrote:

> Does anyone have experience with this KVM switch? (or its 8- or 16- 
> port versions)
> Positive feedback? Negative? Pros/Cons? Sage advice?

It appears to be a redbadged Avocent KVM-IP switch.

How much are Dell listing it at?

Do you have experiences with KVM-IP switches in general?

What us your usage? Will it be located in a datacentre on the other  
side of the globe, or within walking / driving distance? Do you expect  
to use it daily or once or twice a year? How urgently do you need to  
deploy? What lifecycle do you expect out of your purchase?

I'm very pleased with the Blackbox KV9308A I bought recently. IMO, and  
if you have the money to buy new, another brand worth looking at is  

I don't have a lot of experience with KVM-IP switches, but the  
experience I do have leads me to believe that none are perfect. Both  
the ones I've used have their quirks, and these are only really  
appreciated by experience / comparison. The designers of one KVM-IP  
will choose to do things one way, of another differently; which is  
"best" depends on your needs and personal preferences. And  
unfortunately these units are not sold in huge quantities (compared to  
PCs, servers, network products in general or, for example, graphics  
cards), nor are there that many people who have experience using a  
variety of them. So it's not terribly easy to get a lot of experience  
of using different models or to find people with such experience who  
have the time to share it. Many suppliers (either the manufacturer  
themselves or resellers) offer a demonstration; if you're buying new  
then try as many as possible. The demonstration button on a supplier's  
website invariably leads to an HTML form asking for name, address &  
email, so undoubtedly all such suppliers simply set a username &  
password on a test unit and invite you to log in whilst on the phone  
with their salesman.

I think KVM-IPs are amongst the coolest technologies on the planet  
today. I am happy to spend hours discussing them. But I need more  
information, otherwise I could be wasting my time. Quite possibly you  
know more than I do.


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