debian monitoring

Jefferson Ogata poweredge at
Tue Apr 13 13:18:55 CDT 2010

On 2010-04-13 16:56, P.A wrote:
> Prasana, thanks for the info, I actually  had downloaded this but it 
> does not come with MegaCLI which is shown on the example page you have 
> below. I don't think megactl and megacli are the same, someone correct 
> me if im wrong.

MegaCLI and megactl are definitely different. MegaCLI is the official 
configuration and inspection tool from LSI. megactl/megasasctl is an 
alternate program I authored that does some things MegaCLI does not do; 
in particular it uses SCSI passthrough to get info directly from the 
disks in a RAID so you can check error conditions at the drive 
controller level rather than the RAID controller level. It can also 
start disk self-tests and check their results.

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