Cannot update HD firmware

Tim Small tim at
Tue Apr 13 06:09:13 CDT 2010

Davide Ferrari wrote:
> Hi
> I'm trying to update (on a CentOS 5.4) the firmware for my Seagate ES,
> 3.5", 7.2K, SATA, 250GB to version MA0D but I always get the message:
> This Update Package is not compatible with your system configuration

This might be of some use - I've updated a ST31000340NS (ES.2  1TB 
version) under Linux to MA0D using hdparm v9.27's --fwdownload switch on 
Debian 5.  You have to strip the first 256 bytes of Dell header from the 
start of the Dell update binary using dd bs=256 skip=1 ...

The resulting file looked like this:

# md5sum /root/*.lod
a97ad3fa77db8b20b7e14a02a59277e7  /root/MA0D.lod
# ls -al /root/*.lod
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1690624 2010-03-31 15:33 /root/MA0D.lod


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