Seagate ST31000340NS firmware MA0D - Baracuda ES.2 1TB poor sequential read performance with NCQ enabled

Tim Small tim at
Tue Apr 13 04:42:36 CDT 2010


I'm seeing poor sequential read performance (as measured using "hdparm 
-t") using the recommended Dell firmware version MA0D on Baracuda ES.2 
1TB drives using libata with ICH Sata controllers in AHCI mode with NCQ 
enabled (Poweredge R210, R410 etc.).  Similar performance bugs are seen 
during RAID verifies, rebuilds etc.

If I put the non-Dell firmware version AN05 on the drives, the 
performance bug goes away.  Similarly if I reduce the NCQ depth to 2, 
sequential read performance is restored, but as this may impact 
performance under random I/O loads, I don't really want to do this...

Seeing as Seagate seem to have fixed this issue for other non-Dell 
firmwares, any chance they could be persuaded to do-so for the Dell 
firmware series too?

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