iDrac6 virtual media CD/DVD/ISO image not work in CentOS 5.4

wg at wg at
Mon Apr 12 10:29:26 CDT 2010

Hi All,
    I managed to make the iDrac6 virtual media launching in my Jaunty
x86_64 by installing the ia32 version of the SUN JRE. But only floppy
image can be mounted from the server side, the ISO one or the Virtual
CD/DVD device can't. The OS always complains no media found. If the
ISO file extension is renamed to img. Then it can be mounted via the
virtual floppy device in the server. The BIOS has no problem
recognizing or booting the Virtual CD though. I've tried usb reset
button, append "options scsi_mod max_luns=256" to /etc/modprobe.conf
and reboot without luck.
    The server is a R710 with Centos 5.4 X86_64 installed. Does anyone
here has any idea?
    Thanks in advance.

Frank Wang

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