to access 4 Virtual Hosts from a public IP

Tapas Mishra mightydreams at
Sat Apr 10 09:31:10 CDT 2010

> 1) for ssh, run the domU sshd's on different ports, then use iptables rules
> on dom0 to forward the ssh traffic to each domU
I have a doubt regarding how Dom0 behaves as gateway here.When I am on
a machine which is on same subnet as Dom0 is  lets call it as B.
The xen server is A.
Now I can ssh  B--->A
there are hosts running on A which are in same subnet as A and B are.
Lets call them a,b,c,d.

I have not enabled IPTABLES right now in A.Just enabled
echo 1 > /proc/sys/ipv4/ip_forward
I am able to
do an ssh
B------------------------>a           where 'a' is the virtual server
running on  A which is Xen

How is ssh getting resolved to the virtual servers.

I do not have any entry right now in /etc/resolv.conf
about a,b,c,d.

Neither is there any DNS which knows about a,b,c,d.
It is only A which is aware of it since Xen is running on top of it.
I am getting ping replies also.The point is there can be another
machine on same subnet say D in which case an ssh to d or D  will
conflict but how is rest of the network going to behave in this case.

> 2) you could do that same as #1, but I suspect you want all web sites on
> port 80. For that you'll need to use mod_proxy on dom0 and have it be a
> reverse proxy for the domU's. Or you could run all of the web sites on one
> host and just forward port 80.
You are right here.Where should I do this change mod_proxy on dom0 in
squid files or there is some other entry you are referring to.

The bridge issue I have not yet been able to resolve.

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