2 x PE2950 different OMSA outputs

David_C_Miller at Dell.com David_C_Miller at Dell.com
Thu Apr 8 09:20:22 CDT 2010

Hi Nick,

The 2950 has 8 memory slots - it was interesting to me that the maximum
amount of memory you can get with 4GB dimms and 8 slots is 32GB, but
with 8 GB dimms and 8 slots you can get 64GB.

Looking at: http://ftp.us.dell.com/bios/PE2950-020601BIOS.txt

Support for 8GB dimms is added at bios version 2.3.1 and your systems
are at 2.2.6.

I don't understand why one system is reporting that it can support more
memory at an earlier bios version but I suspect that Wayne is right with
a bios update being the fix.

The bios update is available here - I don't know if you could try it on
one system and see it resolves?



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Hi Wayne

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> The information that is displayed by OMSA comes straight from BIOS.
> initial guess is that the system that claims to support only 32G has
> older BIOS than the one that claims 64G.  Check your BIOS versions and
> upgrade if the 32G is older.
> Wayne Weilnau
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On the server advertising max 32GB
	# omreport chassis bios
	BIOS Information

	Manufacturer : Dell Inc.
	Version      : 2.2.6
	Release Date : 02/05/2008

On the server advertising max 64GB
	# omreport chassis bios
	BIOS Information

	Manufacturer : Dell Inc.
	Version      : 2.2.6
	Release Date : 02/05/2008

As you can see, both identical.

Nick .


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