PE-2850 dell_ft_install

Paul M. Dyer pmdyer at
Tue Apr 6 17:20:58 CDT 2010

Thanks Jeff.  That works.

I only moved the /etc/yum.repos.d/dell-firmware-repository.repo file to /var/tmp.   Is there a better way to remove a repo?   I did yum remove on the packages that I believed were from that repo.   It seems like I need a better way.

I installed dell_ft_install again, and the process went smoother and correct.


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> I installed the Dell Firmware Tools on a PE-2850 that is running RHEL
> 5.5 (2.6.18-194.el5xen).   It ran into real problems when I did the
> bootstrap.
> Dependency Installed:
>   dell-dup.noarch 0:1.1.3-1.1.el5

Dell-dup is from the firmware repo. The firmware updates in the hardware repo has made the firmware repo obsolete. Unconfigure the firmware repo and try again.


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