Poweredge 2650 fan location/layout?

David_Ulbrich at Dell.com David_Ulbrich at Dell.com
Fri Apr 2 18:55:03 CDT 2010

Appears to be:

"Processor fan (Primary Processor) 4"

5J294 Processor Fan Assembly (mounts to rear/back of processor heatsink) ASSY,CAGE,MTG,PLSTC,FAN,P2650

Later 533mhz 2650's required an extra processor fan... which were numbered 5 and 6.

4Y364 Front Processor Fan Assembly, V2 (mounts to front of processor heatsink) ASSY,CAGE,PLSTC,FAN,P2650,V2

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I have a failed #4 fan in a 2650.  I'm three hours away from the box,
and want to order replacements... but I don't know the part number,
size, or location of the #4 fan.

Can anybody help me out?



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