OMSA, rsync and yum.

Dan.Harris at Dan.Harris at
Fri Apr 2 15:58:55 CDT 2010

I recently rsync'd the OMSA repo with the intent of building an internal 
mirror for installs.   Now, I'm a bit stuck.  My OMSA process for RedHat 
is essentially this:

wget -q -O -  | 
up2date -i srvadmin-all
up2date -i dell_ft_install
up2date --solvedeps=$(bootstrap_firmware -u) 

Obviously this is the process from the OMSA page.  I do not have access to 
the bootstrap.cgi script and thusly, I cannot actually run this process 
against my mirrored copy.

I have a wide-range of dell hardware spread across America and Europe and 
all of the systems are behind Riverbed caching proxies. Running this 
internally would be much faster than attempting to do this externally 
(500+ servers).  Has anyone tried this before?  Is there already a 
procedure?  The OMSA page is very terse when it comes to rsyncing the 

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