OMSA 6.2 install issues...

Pavel Mateja pavel at
Thu Apr 1 05:38:37 CDT 2010

> To cut to the chase, I found out that no only is it important that you
> install all the needed RPMS, but that the order in which you install them
> is also critical.  Doing an "rpm -qa --last | grep srvadmin" on the working
> machine, I got the order in which they were installed.  On the non-working
> machine, I removed all the packages and re-installed them in the same order
> as on the working machine.  Et voila, I have two working machines now...

I just had the same problem.
I found out there was missing section [ral] in dcdmdy32.ini which refers to which is part of srvadmin-storage-populator.
Reinstall of this package solved the problem.
Maybe manual addition of the [ral] section and popalias to the init file is 
Pavel Mateja

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