ssh serial console history playback on R710 with iDRAC6 Express?

Alexander Dupuy alex.dupuy at
Tue Sep 29 23:03:17 CDT 2009

So I finally discovered the SSH access to the serial console using ssh 
to the iDRAC6 and the "console com2" command.  Beats the socks off the 
flaky IPMI SOL protocols - TCP is so much better than UDP for this stuff!

In the documentation I saw a reference to a mechanism for getting the 
system serial history buffer to play back by giving the -h option to 
this command, e.g. "console -h com2" - this is apparently something that 
older DRAC cards have supported for some time.  However, on our R710, 
this appears to do exactly the same thing as "console com2" - no history 
is played back, just the connecting message.  I checked and the serial 
history buffer is set to 8192 byte (the default) - is there something 
else I need to do to make this work?

(By messing around - "console -?" - I discovered that you can give the 
-b option to the command, e.g. "console -b com2" and the SSH connection 
goes into "binary" mode, where the ^\ escape back to the iDRAC SM-CLP is 
disabled, along with possibly other emulation things like backspace 


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