ipmitool sdr & DRAC 5/6

Andrew Robert Nicols andrew.nicols at luns.net.uk
Tue Sep 29 09:29:30 CDT 2009

On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 04:08:17PM +0200, Henry-Nicolas Tourneur wrote:
> I got an issue with the second point. I'm using ipmitool under Debian
> Lenny to fetch information from the BMC but it doesn't work. I did
> modprobe ipmi_si & ipmi_devintf during the boot process, the log file
> show me that the DRAC BMC is found but the output of ipmitool sdr is
> wrong.

IIRC, if you install ipmitool using apt, then the init script should sort
the modprobeiness out for you.

nicols at myserver:~$ lsmod | grep ipmi
ipmi_devintf           13200  0 
ipmi_si                43628  0 
ipmi_msghandler        38520  2 ipmi_devintf,ipmi_si

nicols at myserver:~$ dpkg -l | grep ipmi
ii  ipmitool                                    1.8.9-2 utility for IPMI control with kernel driver 

Have you tried `ipmitool sel list` ?

nicols at myserver:~$ sudo ipmitool sel list
   1 | 05/14/2009 | 19:13:54 | Event Logging Disabled #0x72 | Log area reset/cleared | Asserted
   2 | 07/27/2009 | 10:04:12 | Battery #0x11 | Failed | Asserted
   3 | Pre-Init Time-stamp   | Physical Security #0x73 | General Chassis intrusion | Asserted
   4 | Pre-Init Time-stamp   | Physical Security #0x73 | General Chassis intrusion | Deasserted

I'm not sure that sdr will give you information abotu the power cords. We
have a basic script to grab the output from sel list and compare it to the
previous output and e-mail with any changes.

I know it's basic, but that's the point. If the monitoring server isn't
monitoring things properly for whateer reason, then you still get to know
if things go kaboom...


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