ipmitool sdr & DRAC 5/6

Henry-Nicolas Tourneur hntourneur at mactelecom.com
Tue Sep 29 09:08:17 CDT 2009

Hello everybody,

Currently, I'm using the DRAC 6 express (and Drac 5 entreprise) 
card to do 2 things :
1° Get a remote console (it's working now thanks to your help).
2° Get alerts monitored by DRAC (power redundancy, fan redundancy,
voltage & so on).

I got an issue with the second point. I'm using ipmitool under Debian
Lenny to fetch information from the BMC but it doesn't work. I did
modprobe ipmi_si & ipmi_devintf during the boot process, the log file
show me that the DRAC BMC is found but the output of ipmitool sdr is

It looks like the ipmitool sdr output is never updated, I can remove an
alimentation power cord and I got no warning, no intrusion are detected
and so on ...

Is there anything particular to do in order to get IPMI with updated
values ?


Henry-Nicolas Tourneur

System Administrator

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