PowerEdge R905: Perc 6i: mptlinux

Gus Power gus at energizedwork.com
Mon Sep 28 02:18:58 CDT 2009


We appear to be getting very poor performance out of our 2 PowerEdge R905 Perc 6i cards (lots of iowait, iostat showing slow read and write speeds). We have 2 SAS drives setup in a second mirror set and have upgraded our mptlinux version to 

>cat /proc/mpt/version
  Fusion MPT base driver
  Fusion MPT SPI host driver
  Fusion MPT FC host driver
  Fusion MPT SAS host driver
  Fusion MPT ioctl driver

lsiutil shows the following:
1 MPT Port found

     Port Name         Chip Vendor/Type/Rev    MPT Rev  Firmware Rev  IOC
 1.  /proc/mpt/ioc0    LSI Logic SAS1068E B3     105      00143000     0

Current active firmware version is 00143000 (0.20.48)
Firmware image's version is MPTFW-
  LSI Logic
x86 BIOS image's version is MPTBIOS- (2007.09.29)

I've looked around but can't see any updated firmware for this setup. Does anyone have any thoughts about how I could go about investigating this further?

We're running Gentoo Linux kernel revision 2.6.27.

Thanks & Regards,


Gus Power <gus at energizedwork.com>

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