External serial port doesn't work after SOL activated on R710

Frank Wang wg at yarbs.cn
Sun Sep 27 23:00:09 CDT 2009

I can't pinpoint the real cause of the external serial port malfunction
and auto modification in the R710 if SOL applied. I did a test in a
2950III with the same serial settings and SOL works just fine with the
NUT-2.2.0, and w/o OMSA-6.1.0. I'd assume there might be firmware bug in
the R710.
The better solution for my problem is to disable SOL and IPMI over LAN all
together, and use console over ssh in the iDRAC6-express, as suggested
from the user guide. The NUT package works happily this way without any
conflict or setting alteration. I've also found the console is much more
stable and secure than the SOL or IPMI over LAN solution.

On Tue, September 22, 2009 11:47 pm, Frank Wang wrote:
> I made my conclusion too early. It's not the OMSA. If there's no SOL
> session, NUT works just fine using /dev/ttyS0 no matter OMSA installed or
> not. If a SOL session established using "ipmitool -I lanplus -U xxx -H
> xx.xx.xx.xx -P xxx sol activate," NUT raises communication error
> immediately, and BIOS showed external serial connector changed to serial2,
> which is the port assigned to SOL. The weired thing is that if I reboot
> the server from within the serial console and revert the external serial
> port in BIOS to serial1, NUT worked. I need more test and doc reading to
> find the real cause.
> I still like to setup serial console over LAN as it makes server
> maintenance easier.
> Thanks for your suggestion.
> Regards,
> Frank Wang

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