External serial port doesn't work after SOL activated on R710

Frank Wang wg at yarbs.cn
Tue Sep 22 10:47:43 CDT 2009

On Tue, September 22, 2009 1:22 pm, Adam Nielsen wrote:
>>     It turned out the OMSA-6.1.0-648 is the culprit. It will
>> automatically
>> change the BIOS external serial port setting if Serial console
>> enabled.
> That makes sense - you tell OMSA you want a serial console so it makes
> the external serial port give you a serial console.  Maybe you can just
> turn the serial console off?
> Disclaimer: I don't use OMSA!
I made my conclusion too early. It's not the OMSA. If there's no SOL
session, NUT works just fine using /dev/ttyS0 no matter OMSA installed or
not. If a SOL session established using "ipmitool -I lanplus -U xxx -H
xx.xx.xx.xx -P xxx sol activate," NUT raises communication error
immediately, and BIOS showed external serial connector changed to serial2,
which is the port assigned to SOL. The weired thing is that if I reboot
the server from within the serial console and revert the external serial
port in BIOS to serial1, NUT worked. I need more test and doc reading to
find the real cause.
I still like to setup serial console over LAN as it makes server
maintenance easier.
Thanks for your suggestion.

Frank Wang

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