ipmitool and SOL on a 1950

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Tue Sep 22 00:40:23 CDT 2009

> I have SOL using ipmitool working on my 1950’s. Mostly.
> The problem I am having is that on startup the BIOS messages overwrite
> themselves leaving me with an indecipherable mess.  I can enter the BIOS
> using F2 and screen is drawn properly (suggesting my terminal emulation
> is OK), but the actual messages on startup do not seem to scroll. Once
> the BIOS messages write 24 lines or so, they scroll to the top of the
> screen without refreshing/clearing the screen.

Yes, this is how Dell's wonderful serial consoles work.  I have a DRAC
which is a dedicated card to handle remote server management including
remote console access, and I still can't see the BIOS messages once they
go over one screenful...

I've been wondering how hard it would be to write my own console
redirection code to fix this (not using VT100), but I don't think I'd be
able to load it early enough in the boot process to capture the BIOS.
Not unless I could stick my code in the video BIOS or something.  I'd
need help from someone at Dell for that though.  Hint hint. :-)

> Has anyone seen this and have a fix for the problem? I am using KDE
> console, but I can use something else. The “Remote Terminal Type” is set
> to “VT100/VT220” with a baud of 57600.

Don't use a serial console ;-)


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