External serial port doesn't work after SOL activated on R710

Frank Wang wg at yarbs.cn
Mon Sep 21 12:28:59 CDT 2009

    The setting was changed to "Remote Access Device" this time, and it's
caused by the "Redirection After Boot" option in BIOS serial settings.
Disable it makes both NUT and SOL happy. I rebooted the server, and
everything works like a charm.
Then I installed OMSA-6.1.0-648, rebooted, and NUT stopped working
immediately. The external port was automatically modified to "Remote
Access Device" again. Uninstall OMSA and revert the external serial
connector to the COM1 device make everything works again.
    It turned out the OMSA-6.1.0-648 is the culprit. It will automatically
change the BIOS external serial port setting if Serial console

On Mon, September 21, 2009 10:09 pm, Frank Wang wrote:
> More info.
> The external serial port setting in BIOS would automatically change from
> COM1 to COM2. I found this during reboot by serial console. At first, I
> suspected the OMSA-6.1.0 caused the error as it lacks the option for
> external serial port setting in GUI. The ipmitool sol activate session
> will always be stopped during OS load and reporting following when:
> Starting dsm_sa_datamgr32d: Error: No response to keepalive - Terminating
> session
>     And I have to run the command again to get serial login. So I removed
> the OMSA, and set the BIOS as in my last post. This time there's no
> interrupt during boot and the UPS monitor program worked! I was happy
> and powered down the server last night, only to find UPS alert email
> this morning when the server was powered again. I haven't have change
> to shut it down so far, but wondering is the external serial port
> setting changed again? If so, what caused it? We'll see.
> Thanks for any suggestion.

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