SAS 6/iR degraded state and driver version

Steve Thompson smt at
Mon Sep 21 11:36:44 CDT 2009

>From OMSA 6.1 on a Dell R410 running CentOS 5.3 (fully updated):

  Controller  SAS 6/iR Integrated (Embedded)

ID                                            : 0
Status                                        : Non-Critical
Name                                          : SAS 6/iR Integrated
Slot ID                                       : Embedded
State                                         : Degraded
Firmware Version                              :
Minimum Required Firmware Version             : Not Applicable
Driver Version                                : 3.04.07
Minimum Required Driver Version               :
Number of Connectors                          : 2
Rebuild Rate                                  : Not Applicable
Redundant Path view                           : Not Applicable

The firmware is at the latest rev, and the mptsas driver version, 3.04.07, 
is at the latest revision available with either CentOS or RHEL. So how can
a later version be the minimum required version?


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