PowerEdge 9G vs 11G Sleds

L. A. Walsh dell at tlinx.org
Wed Sep 16 18:43:43 CDT 2009

Jefferson Cowart wrote:
> Does anyone know if Dell 9G drive sleds (e.g. from a 2950) are
> compatible with 11G servers (e.g. an R710)?
Not sure about the 710, but the T610 was/is *incompat*.  Also the T610
trays were 40% more than the older trays (~$50 vs. 35).  But the new
trays are solid metal --- no fluff around them -- very form fitting
around the drives.    Dunno about now, but as of a month or two ago,
Dell refused to sell the trays separate from a drive.  You had to buy a
lowest end drive for $100 (a WD 160G-sata).  Maybe I can donate it
somewhere...but most people wouldn't want it to waste a drive slot.

>  We had a slight screw up in
> ordering and I wound up with a 2.5" drive when I need a 3.5" drive.
Funny, I had a similar problem in getting/ordering my my T610 server. 
The 1st rep didn't read my requirement list closely (it specified 3.5"
drives) -- and sent me a 2.5"-based system.  Same size system, and
limited to the same number of drives, but the slots only hold 2.5"
drives.  I was surprised to see 15K SAS drives in a 2.5" form factor though.

> Unfortunately I need it tomorrow evening when a vendor is onsite. I've
> already re-ordered the right drive, but I'm not sure it will be here in
> time. I have a 2950 with the proper drive in it that I could move, but I
> don't know if it would work.
    Ug!...  I hope they make sure to get you the part!
    I don't see why sled sizes/compatibility, between the different PE
models would be, 'off topic', but I'm new here...

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