Linux Debian 5 on PE R610 : random freeze at boot

ROUSSEL Kévin Kevin.Roussel at
Wed Sep 16 02:39:26 CDT 2009

Le lundi 14 septembre 2009 à 10:10 -0700, Jefferson Cowart a écrit :
> I suspect you are seeing this issue -
> (There is a more technical discussion of the issue here -
> -- 
> Thank You
> Jefferson Cowart
> Network and Systems Administrator
> Claremont University Consortium

Le mardi 15 septembre 2009 à 07:39 -0400, Ryan Bair a écrit :
> I've had similar issues on 1850's with a PERC5/e. The rootdelay
> argument as suggested in the link given by Jefferson is the workaround
> that I have been using quite successfully. I've never had an issue
> once I set that up.

Argh! I've set up the "kopt=rootdelay=9" argument in the "menu.lst" file
of GRUB on my three machines, but one of them has crashed again this

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm not facing an hardware problem. Well, I
guess I'll have to switch one of the servers to the officially supported
RHEL 5, and see what happens...

Anyway, thanks to everyone for the help.

    K. Roussel

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