[Slightly OT] PowerEdge 9G vs 11G Sleds

Jefferson Cowart Jefferson.Cowart at libraries.claremont.edu
Tue Sep 15 18:53:57 CDT 2009

Does anyone know if Dell 9G drive sleds (e.g. from a 2950) are
compatible with 11G servers (e.g. an R710)? We had a slight screw up in
ordering and I wound up with a 2.5" drive when I need a 3.5" drive.
Unfortunately I need it tomorrow evening when a vendor is onsite. I've
already re-ordered the right drive, but I'm not sure it will be here in
time. I have a 2950 with the proper drive in it that I could move, but I
don't know if it would work.

Thank You
Jefferson Cowart
Network and Systems Administrator
Claremont University Consortium

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