Anybody else using Mandriva 2009.1?

Brian brian at
Sun Sep 13 10:15:34 CDT 2009

 Hi folks,

Has anyone any experience with running Mandriva 2009.1 on a Poweredge? 
Everything worked just fine while I was using Mandriva 2008.0, but on 
instaling 2009.1 I get error messages about NMIs with various codes, 
followed by a message inquiring as to whether I have some strange 
powersaving mode enabled. At the moment, the problem appears to be 
baffling Mandriva's tech support folks. When the error comes up for a 
second time, it will suggest that I have "a hardware error, probably on 
the PCI bus", and on the third occasion, the machine totally hangs, the 
power switch is the only recourse.

The PC is a PowerEdge 600SC, 1.7(might be 1.8?) GHz P4, 2.5 GB of memory.



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