Ordering drive carriers from Dell - summary

Aleks McKinney aleks.mckinney at ois.com
Fri Sep 11 13:07:44 CDT 2009

The part number is different because the sata drive sits just a little bit
further back for the interposer.  The sataU caddy has screw holes for both
sas and sata w/interposer.  The SAS specification does provide for the sata
connection directly into the SAS backplane.  And I have read in places
people screwing in the sata drive in the SAS position and directly attaching
it to the SAS backplane with mixed results.  What has become my piecemail
understanding, someone please correct me, is that the SAS specification
allows for dual paths to the physical drives.  SATA does not natively allow
this.  The MD1000 is capable of having two controllers with active-active
access to the drives.  The interposer allows the sata drives to have the
dual path capability.  Check out
.htm for some info an sata interposer.

I'm not sure what happens when you have SAS drives and SATA drives without
an interposer on the same backplane.

Again, someone please feel free to correct me.


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Philip Tait wrote:
> Previous traffic on this list indicates that some participants have
> succeeded in getting a Dell sales rep. to order empty drive carriers for
> them (although ours is not being very cooperative so far).
> - Can anyone confirm that ' F9541'  is the correct part number for a SAS
> drive carrier for an MD1000 enclosure?
> - Can anyone provide any guidance from recent experience of ordering
> these parts?
I received some very helpful responses. I have summarised them here, in
the hope they may be useful for someone else. (Perhaps we need an FAQ?)

- Chase and Michael referred me to http://discountechnology.com/ , and
confirmed the part number.

- Michael provided a URL for the part:
and pointed out that the part number is different for SATA drives, due
to the need for an interposer board. (Which surprised me, because I
thought the SAS specification provided for connection of a SATA drive to
a SAS backplane connector).

- Aleks suggested looking at softarcade.net, where he bought the SATA
version, CC852. He mentioned that mounting screws are available from
Discounttechnology.com in packs of 20($2.95) and 100($9.95). However,
item number 90273A144, "Zinc-Plated Stl Flat Head Phil MachineScrew 6-32
Thread, 1/4" Length" from http://www.mcmaster.com appears to be
equivalent, at $3.42 for 100.

I received no response to indicate anyone has succeeded in getting these
from Dell of late.

Thanks to the people who responded with such helpful advice.

Philip J. Tait

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