Pb with user/pass ipmiutil under Windows R710

Alexander Dupuy alex.dupuy at mac.com
Fri Sep 11 11:29:33 CDT 2009

Simon writes:
> I have R710 and iDRAC6 Express
> I configure it with a login and a passwd.
> It's ok for SoL (with ipmitool under linux but impiutils with Windows no)

I had issues with Linux ipmiutil 2.3.6 SoL access to Dell x950 BMC and 
found the maintainer (Andy Cress) to be extremely responsive to bug 
reports, and he made a number of changes that eliminated the problem I 
was having (losing character echo on fast typing).  I would strongly 
recommend filing an issue on the SourceForge bug tracker 
for category isolconsole if the following suggestions don't solve the 
problem for you.

SoL (on the BMC, and presumably on the iDRAC6 as well) requires lanplus 
connection, and lanplus requires certain crypto libraries - if these 
were unavailable or ipmiutil was configured not to use them when built, 
you would not be able to use SoL, although other commands using lan 
connections would still work.  If you don't see

Opening lanplus connection to node XXX...

this might be the problem.  There is also an additional option -w on 
Windows that disables use of the Windows Console and uses stdio 
instead.  If your iDRAC is configured to use an ANSI console, try the -r 
option.  If neither of these helps, run ipmiutil.exe sol with the -z 
option and submit the isoldbg.log file as an attachment with your bug 

>  but if I do a :
> d:\ipmiutil-2.4.2-win32>ipmiutil.exe reset -s -N X.x.x.x -U root
> ipmiutil ver 2.42
> hwreset ver 2.42
> Opening lan connection to node XXXX ...
> Connecting to node  XXXX
> -- BMC version 1.10, IPMI version 2.0
> Power State      = 2a   (unknown)
> hwreset: resetting to Svc partition ...
> chassis_reset ok
> hwreset: IPMI_Reset ok
> hwreset, completed successfully
> I can reboot the server without password,
> Strange, no ?

Are you sure that you actually set the root password (and didn't just 
create another user with a password)?  If there is a null password, this 
is the default used by ipmiutil, and it might not prompt you for one.  
You could check that the password is set as you expect using

# ipmitool user list <lan channel, probably 2>
ID  Name             Callin  Link Auth  IPMI Msg   Channel Priv Limit
1                    true    false      true       ADMINISTRATOR
2   root             true    true       true       ADMINISTRATOR

# ipmitool user test <root id from above, probably 2> 16


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