[Off-Topic] Dell EMC San and Debian server

Graham Parry gparry at fsc-int.com
Fri Sep 11 10:09:37 CDT 2009

We have used multipath on Oracle Enterporise Linux without powerpath...
All you have to do is in the web console (navisphere express ) assign the
lun to the debian server and then on the debian server you should be able
to detect the lun with multipath once you have the configuration files set
up properly....We had problems with the configuration files but once set
up it worked fine..

Graham Parry
Presidente FSC

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Hello again,

Is there a way to make a Debian Server to be recognized by EMC's

It seems that this is mandatory to bind a LUN in Navisphere to a host
that has Powerpath installed on it.

The problem is that PowerPath is for Redhat and SLES servers. I would
like to get rid of it and use multipath from Debian.

Thanks for your help.

Emmanuel Lesouef

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