Megamon on Dell PowerEdge R905

Clint Dilks clintd at
Thu Sep 10 18:20:16 CDT 2009


I have just tried to install Megamon from  
found on the LSI site on a Dell PowerEdge R905 running CentOS 5.3 but 
after runnig the install script MegaCtrl does nothing.  When I try and 
start the service I get

Character Device Node /dev/megadev0 does not exist.
Raid Monitor could not be started.

So my question is do I fix this by going

mknod /dev/megadev0 c 253 0 

253 being identified from 
*cat /proc/devices | grep -i mega *
253 megaraid_sas_ioctl

Or is there some additional / alternative software I should be installing ?


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