Pb with user/pass ipmiutil under Windows R710

Simon sc.temp at voila.fr
Thu Sep 10 07:11:45 CDT 2009


I have R710 and iDRAC6 Express
I configure it with a login and a passwd.
It's ok for SoL (with ipmitool under linux but impiutils with Windows no) but if I do a :

d:\ipmiutil-2.4.2-win32>ipmiutil.exe reset -s -N X.x.x.x -U root

ipmiutil ver 2.42
hwreset ver 2.42
Opening lan connection to node XXXX ...
Connecting to node  XXXX
-- BMC version 1.10, IPMI version 2.0
Power State      = 2a   (unknown)
hwreset: resetting to Svc partition ...
chassis_reset ok
hwreset: IPMI_Reset ok
hwreset, completed successfully

I can reboot the server without password,

Strange, no ?

Thank's for help



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