J. Epperson Dell at
Wed Sep 9 17:49:35 CDT 2009

On Wed, September 9, 2009 13:16, Scott McClanahan wrote:
> I'm new to managing dell systems and am curious whether or not features
in the OMSA and other dell provided and linux supported utilities are a
must from the lists perspectives.  With modern enough ipmitools and the
modules provided with the distribution is there anything I'm missing
that the other admins on the list couldn't live without?  Currently,
we're not doing anything fancy with the local storage but there is a
MDS3000 sitting behind one of the systems.
> Are the smart utilities capable of reporting hard drive events from
local SAS drives on the poweredge (2950 in particular) or do you guys
use something else to report hard drive events?  Thanks.

I've managed Dell Poweredges from 3rd generation (eg PE6300) through 8th
generation (eg PE2850) and have never installed OMSA on any of them.  I
use Hobbit (now Xymon) and scripts from et al (integrated to
Hobbit) for monitoring and have found this sufficient.  I do keep some
OMSA live CDs around to use in a pinch.  Most of our storage is on HP
EVA3000 SANs so OMSA would not give us a lot, although it does offer some
conveniences over using the PERC BIOS setup programs.

Typically the smart utilities can't "see" the individual drives behind a
PERC, but there are command line utilities that can do so.  Some of those
are used in some of our Hobbit-associated scripts.

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