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Hi Jan,


>- There might be a problem below the application layer that explains why the
raid controller is not visible. This because the old pediags worked fine on
>suse 10.  For that reason I don't want to trust megamon too much, until it can
show me the smart attributes it should be reading.


I personally wouldn't trust SMART as far as I could throw a hard-disk. Case in
point is a hard disk I had last week which was exhibiting the "clunk of death"
on boot and took ages to actually get to POST. I ran the vendors own diagnostics
tools, which interrogated SMART as part of their diagnostics, and it returned
that the drives was in perfect health. It turned out that the drive lasted only
slightly longer than it took me to image the contents before it failed to POST
at all. This is not the first time that I myself have experienced such useless
"SMART" diagnostics, and I have read several other people's comments to match.


Compare this with 6 years of working with Dell PERC controllers and OMSA on
hundreds of servers with wildly differing installation environments and
workloads. I have had my fair share of OMSA reporting "predictive failure" on
disks, and on all occasions disks have been switched out and arrays rebuilt
before I have reached a service-affecting scenario. In fact across all of the
Dell servers I have ever maintained, I cannot think of a single instance of
catastrophic array failure as we monitor the array status using OMSA/SNMP.


I concur that the SUSE support from Dell is not as good as it could be. It is
not my distro of choice (RHEL/Centos), but I think you should give megamon/OMSA
another look. If Dell could get SUSE to the same point of simple installation as
the RHEL support ("yum install srvadmin-all") where things "just work", I think
you would be considerably happier. I also feel that sweeping negative
generalisations regarding linux support from Dell, especially considering the
wide variety of available hardware/distro permutations possible, serve to
achieve nothing other than to dishearten the regular posters to this *community*
list, and people such as Matt Domsch who has put a lot of work into getting Dell
to embrace Linux and provide the tools we currently have.










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