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Wed Sep 9 10:49:12 CDT 2009


Trying to be able to monitor the status of my system I also like to  
share some experiences.

PowerEdge 2850
OpenSuse 11.1
SCSI 320 disks

Some results
- pediags. Used to work properly on OpenSuse 10. Downloaded a new  
version 2.9 and was able to install it. But it fails completely to see  
the raid controller and the hard disks. Downgraded to version 2.6  
after uninstalling 2.9 doesn't change anything. 2.6 works well on Suse  

- omsa whatever version. Doesn't install. Don't want to find out why  
at this point because others don't seem to have success as well.

- You can download from the package perc- 
This will bring you the following:
-- dellmgr. You'll see the set up app from the Perc adaptor on your  
desktop. Just like when you hit ctrl-m during setup. In this app you  
can do F2 to check the health of your drives. Of course this is a  
dangerous app, since you're just a few steps away from accidentally  
clearing your RAID array. 
-- megamon. This will check your system and report problems. So it  
says. Can even send mail to you. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be  
able to log the detailed  smart attributes. I feel there is no way to  
be sure whether it actually gets the proper data untill a drive crashes.

- I will not rely on support for Linux in the future on this platform.  
Only choose components from manufacturers who support mainstream Linux  
tools, no proprietary stuff anymore. It would be far better when Dell  
contributed to those tools that are standard included in Linux  
distro's. Such as smartmontools. That way there should be less need to  
bother with every new release. If you support Linux, do it the Linux  

- There might be a problem below the application layer that explains  
why the raid controller is not visible. This because the old pediags  
worked fine on suse 10.  For that reason I don't want to trust megamon  
too much, until it can show me the smart attributes it should be  


Jan-Willem Arnold

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