SMART and PE2950?

Mircea Vutcovici mirceavutcovici at
Wed Sep 9 00:20:25 CDT 2009


What you see from the OS is the virtual volume, a logical
representation of the RAID array.

The disks are monitored by PERC controller. Use/install OMSA to
monitor the disks

On 9/6/09, Scott Ehrlich <srehrlich at> wrote:
> I have CentOS 5 installed on a few PE2950 systems.    The SMART daemon
> claims the drives included with the server do not support SMART, which
> rather surprised me.
> What, then, are my options for monitoring the health of the server
> hard drives?  It would be nice to have some service running I could
> email to myself on the status of each drive.
> Thanks.
> Scott
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