install latest PERC drive on Redhat AS 5.3 error???

Stuart Marsden stuart at
Tue Sep 8 10:56:28 CDT 2009

Sorry - these boxes are different to all the 19xx/29xx we have

you need to download the "SAS 6/IR Integrated Blades"  driver - which is 
weird as this is not a blade based system

looks like this installs mpt  drivers not the megaraid ones

Stuart Marsden wrote:
> I have then same problem with a couple of brand new Poweredge R410s
> OMSA says driver is 3.04.07 and wants
> Latest driver from Dell generates the DKMS "not newer" error message
> The problem I have is I cant ignore this as OMSA treats this as a 
> general hardware error and it  is picked up with our SNMP monitoring
> I can suppress our  alarm but then we may miss real errors
> Stuart


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