Alternative way to monitor RAID

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In our production environment we have a mix of [12][789]50s and use two solutions to monitor RAID. The first one uses an old percsnmp package I found on Dell's website that provides SNMP OIDs that we then check with our monitors. The other method uses MegaCLI like this:

  NUMDISKSONLINE=`/opt/MegaRAID/MegaCli/MegaCli  -PDList -aALL |grep Online |wc -l`
  if [ $NUMDISKSONLINE -lt 2 ]
    addmsg "I have one or more degraded disks in my RAID array" MSG
    addexit 2 RET

I prefer percsnmpd, but I use the MegaCLI on our [12]950s because the PERCs are not compatible with percsnmpd for some reason.

-Jack Roehrig

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> Hi,
> Is there a way to monitor RAID Arrays from Dell PE servers without
> having to install Dell OpenManage ?

Yes there is.
If you're using Nagios there are a few plugins which use the "megacli" package 
which comes directly from LSI.
Of course you could just install that and write your own scripts utilizing 
megacli but there are so many great plugins out there it would be a waste of 
your time.

> I'm facing the following issue :
> Thanks for your help.

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