Swapping MAC addresses?

John LLOYD jal at mdacorporation.com
Thu Sep 3 13:15:02 CDT 2009

For Windows boxen, just bond the NICs and use a single IP address.
Doing anything resembling ARP tuning on Windows is likely to be

Bonding usually requires support from the switch (cisco LACP,
round-robin, etc etc etc).

Note that bonding on Windows (or linux for that matter) gives you
throughput increase and/or redundancy, depending on the details of the
bonding, but you don't get more than a single interface speed for any
one client.  It only helps serve multiple clients.   



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	On a similar note, does any one know how to do this arp tuning
on a Windows box? We only have about 4 windows boxes vs hundreds of
linux machines so it hasn't became a big issue, but I would like to have
this fix on them as well.
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				I can't imagine he is rebooting once a
week, though if he 

			was I would 

				lean more towards Bryan on this.

			I am not :-)  Current uptime is 35 days.  And
that reboot was 
			after this
			was reported...
			BTW, the config files *do* contain HWADDR lines.

				Only time I have seen macs flipping like
this so often is 

			when your have 

				bonded your nics. Are you doing a load
balance or 

			active/passive setup 

				on your nics?

			[joliver at mda-services ~]$ sudo cat
			# Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme II BCM5708
Gigabit Ethernet


			[joliver at mda-services ~]$ sudo cat
			# Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme II BCM5708
Gigabit Ethernet

		There's your problem -- they are on the same subnet, no?
(your '129 IP
		and '47 IP have the same left-hand side).  You have two
NICs on the same
		You need to bond them, or disconnect one, or adjust some
ARP tuning,
		e.g. arp_filter=1 to force one or the other (only) to
respond to arp
		(Think of it from the linux kernel point of view.  It
has a packet in
		hand, ready to go out to your subnet XXXXXXXX.  Which
interface should
		it use?  It has a choice of two, so, clearly, it is
changing it's mind
		from week to week....)
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