SAS 6/i Controller on Dell R610

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'modprobe mptctl' should fix the issue. It looks like the dev node is
there, but not accessible. So some program created the node which is
what OMSA checks before it attempts to install the control driver.


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Subject: SAS 6/i Controller on Dell R610


Hey everyone!

I have an issue with a Dell R610 server which has an integrated SAS
controller (SAS 6/i Controller).
Now the problem i am having with this SAS 6/i (non-perc) is, that OMSA
doesn't see the controller at all.

When i check the dmesg, i see the following info:

megasas: Thu July 24 11:41:51 PST 2008
Driver 'sd' needs updating - please use bus_type methods
Fusion MPT base driver 3.04.07
Copyright (c) 1999-2008 LSI Corporation
Fusion MPT SAS Host driver 3.04.07
mptsas 0000:03:00.0: PCI INT A -> GSI 16 (level, low) -> IRQ 16
mptbase: ioc0: Initiating bringup
ioc0: LSISAS1068E B3: Capabilities={Initiator}
mptsas 0000:03:00.0: setting latency timer to 64
scsi0 : ioc0: LSISAS1068E B3, FwRev=00192f00h, Ports=1, MaxQ=266, IRQ=16
scsi 0:0:0:0: Direct-Access     SEAGATE  ST973402SS       S229 PQ: 0
scsi 0:0:1:0: Direct-Access     SEAGATE  ST973402SS       S229 PQ: 0
scsi 0:1:0:0: Direct-Access     Dell     VIRTUAL DISK     1028 PQ: 0

This is what lspci shows:

lvs1:~# lspci |grep LSI
03:00.0 SCSI storage controller: LSI Logic / Symbios Logic SAS1068E
PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS (rev 08)

The MPT support is compiled within the kernel, so no modules.
Yet, when i use lsiutil or the mpt-status the following pops up..

lvs1:/usr/local/src# ./lsiutil.x86_64

LSI Logic MPT Configuration Utility, Version 1.60, July 11, 2008
FATAL: Module mptctl not found.
/bin/mknod: `/dev/mptctl': File exists
Couldn't open /dev/mptctl or /dev/mpt2ctl!

0 MPT Ports found

lvs1:/usr/local/src# mpt-status
open /dev/mptctl: No such device
  Are you sure your controller is supported by mptlinux?
Make sure mptctl is loaded into the kernel
lvs1:/usr/local/src# lsmod |grep mptctl

Looking at these errors, i am wondering if its required to use module
based drivers for these controllers or not?

And then we have also have OMSA:

lvs1:~# omreport storage controller
No controllers found

Does anyone have had a similar problem? or better yet, know how to fix
this issue?

Thanks in advance people..


Anwar Maharban

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